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SH-type Rotary Drum Screen with Silo

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    SH-type Rotary Drum Screen with Silo


    1. SH - type rotary drum screen also called compound fertilizer special screen, can be four - level screening. The finished product area has two sections.

    2. The trommel rotary screen has silo. The lower part of the silo has the fan gate, and the coarse material section has the chute which can send the coarse material directly to the transport machinery, so as to facilitate the process layout. If the user requests the finished product area to set only one section, namely the three level rotary screen, please explain it when ordering.

    Features & Advantages:

    Wide adaptability of materials

    Rotary drum screen is widely used in the screening of all kinds of materials. No matter it is low-quality coal, coal slime, soot or other materials, all of them are screened smoothly.

     Large handling capacity

    In the same size, the circle area is larger than other shape area, so the effective screen area is larger, so that the material can fully contact the screen, so the handling capacity per unit time is larger. 

    Low noise of equipment

    During the operation of the rotary screen, due to its low rotary speed and isolation from the outside world, the noise cannot be transmitted to the outside, thus reducing the noise of the equipment.

    Simple and diverse feeding methods

    The feeding port of trommel screen can be designed according to the actual site. No matter it is belt, funnel or other feeding methods, it can feed smoothly without taking special measures.

    Low energy consumption

    The power of rotary drum screen motor is small, which is one half to one third of other screen types, and the running time is only one half of other screen types when handling the same amount of materials, so the energy consumption is low.

    Long service life, small maintenance

    Rotary screen is composed of several circular mesh. Its total screening area is much larger than the screening area of other screen types, and the screening efficiency is high, the equipment running time is short, so the service life is long, has less vulnerable parts, and small maintenance.

    High screening efficiency

    The screen machine is equipped with a comb type cleaning and screening mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how dirty and miscellaneous the materials are, they can be screened, so improving the screening efficiency.

    Good working environment

    The whole sieve cylinder can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover to completely remove dust flying and block splashes in the screening cycle, avoiding pollution to the working environment.

    Convenient maintenance

    The sealing isolation cover of the equipment can be disassembled, which will not affect the normal operation of the machine and make maintenance very convenient.

    Technical parameters :

    Specification model






    Roller diameter (mm)






    Roller length (mm)






    Processing capacity (t/h)






    Roller inclination (degrees)


    Rotation speed (r/min)






    Motor power (kw)






    Discharge size (mm)


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    Henan Jinte Vibration Machinery Co.,Ltd
    Henan Jinte Vibration Machinery Co.,Ltd
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    1. Can you offer the customized solution to my case?

    Our company has a professional R & D team, and be able to customize mechanical products for you according to your needs. At the same time, our company guarantees that every product produced for you is in compliance with the national and industry standard, and no quality problems.

    Please send us inquiry if u have any concerns.

    2. Is the machine produced safe and reliable?

    Absolutely yes. We are a company specializing in the production of machinery. We have advanced technology, excellent R & D team, superb process design and other advantages. Please believe that we can fully meet your expectations. The machines produced are in line with national and industry quality standards. Please feel free to use.

    3. What is the price of the product?

    The price is determined by the specifications of the product, the material, and the special requirements of the customer.

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    4. Why do I trade with your company?

    1. Reasonable price and exquisite workmanship.

    2. Professional customization, good reputation.

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    4. Provide product drawing, manufacturing process and other technical services.

    5. Case experience of working with many outstanding domestic and foreign companies over the years.

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    5. Are you engineers available for overseas installation and training matters?

    At the client’s request, Jinte can provide installation Technicians to supervise and assist in the assembly and commissioning of the equipment. And all the costs during the mission needs to be covered from you.


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