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K-type Reciprocating Feeder

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    Feeder for Coal


    K-type reciprocating feeder (Coal Mine Vibrating Feeder) is to use the crank-connecting rod mechanism to drag the bottom plate down 5° to do straight reciprocating movement on the roller, so as to discharge coal or other loose granular, powder materials from the feeding equipment to the receiving equipment uniformly.

    The Vibrating Feeder can transfer bulk materials through the silos to the rubber belt conveyor, screening equipment, or jaw crusher, etc.

    The Feeding Machine is installed under the hopper, and the transmission device is suspended, which can be divided into several types according to the size of feeding quantity: K1, K2, K3, K4 and so on.

    Feature & Advantage

    The lining plate is composed of small pieces of wear-resistant steel plate, which is not only light and easy to replace, but also can be targeted to replace the worn lining plate according to the actual wear conditions, so as to make reasonable use of materials and reduce maintenance costs.

    The maximum feeding capacity can reach 1200 tons/hour (coal), which is the larger reciprocating feeder in China at present.

    The bottom plate has vertical rib plate and is supported by three-way long roller, which guarantees the rigidity of the bottom plate and eliminates the defects of bending deformation in the work of the current reciprocating feeder bottom plate.

    Adopt advanced design of plane secondary enveloping ring mule rod reducer, with large bearing capacity and high transmission efficiency.

    The use of closed frame structure greatly improve the stiffness of the rack. Reliable operation, long service life, light weight, small size, convenient adjustment and installation.

    The drive device is arranged symmetrically, and the double push rod is adopted to balance the force on the whole machine, to make the transmission smooth and eliminate the torsion swing phenomenon when the bottom plate reciprocates.

    Equipped with limited torque hydraulic coupling, which can start with full load, and overload protection.

    The seam can be adjusted among the side lining board, the inclined lining board and the bottom plate, which can control the seam size accurately and greatly reduce the leakage.


    mining industry

    coal industry

    iron ore workshops

    port bulk materials wharfs

    metallurgy industry

    transfer stations and other industries

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    Henan Jinte Vibration Machinery Co.,Ltd
    Henan Jinte Vibration Machinery Co.,Ltd
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