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Is there a direct relationship between the speed of the drum sieve and the output of the underscreen

The rotational speed of the drum sieve can maximize the efficiency to some extent. Today, Henan Jinte professionals come to talk about the experience of designing and manufacturing the drum sieve for many years. I hope you can understand the drum sieve more.
         How many revolutions does the drum sieve turn per minute? The rotation speed of the drum sieve has a certain relationship with the output of the drum sieve and the width and length of the drum. Generally, the smaller the particle size of the material to be screened, the larger the rotation speed. Yield increases. The width and length of the drum, the larger the width and the longer the screen, the lower the speed. It is necessary to consider a proper reduction of the speed, which is conducive to the stability of the machine. Therefore, the user should choose the size and speed of the drum screen according to the actual situation on site.

Post time: Mar-24-2020